Friday, April 30, 2010

CWdesigns: Invitation


10 Sternberg Rehearsal

10 Sternberg Rehearsal
Remember this sneak peak illustration? Well, the invitations are in the mail, so I finally get to share the design with you! I'm ecstatic about this one, because I really enjoyed working with Scott and Breland and their families. They are tying the knot in less than a month and having their rehearsal dinner at Ralph's on the Park overlooking City Park in New Orleans.
If you haven't been to City Park, you must go! It's beautiful. People exercising, picnicking, and just enjoying the beautiful trees and homes on the outskirts of the park. Last time I visited with my friend Lauren, we passed a horse and carriage taking a stroll around the park. There's just so much to see!
Scott and Breland's requests were to convey the look of New Orleans and somehow incorporate the iconic iron balcony of the restaurant, so of course, an illustration was in order! I'm really excited about how the invitations turned out and even more excited for Scott and Breland.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

CWdesigns: Giveaway!

Wallpaper Giveaway 1
After yesterday's post, there were a few people interested in the watercolor illustration and graphic I designed, so why not a giveaway! Download your own "Variety is the Spice of Life" desktop wallpaper.

download 1600x1200

I hope it inspires you maybe to turn a room in your home upside down to create your own creative space or maybe in other ways. Please do tell!

Today, Krystal and I attended the Baton Rouge Social Media Club aka BRSocMe's second meeting, but first membership meeting. We've grown so much from our first meeting of maybe 15 people to over 70 and still adding members. Check out BRSocMe to learn more about the group and sign up!
For our first official meeting, the new officers did a great job! Cool venue and very cool art at the LA State Museum, yummy sandwiches and amazing salty chips provided by Jimmy Johns, Community Coffee giveaways, and an inspiring first speaker, Shannon Lane aka Cajun Mama of TravelingMamas.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Calling all Baton Rouge bloggers and social media gurus! BRSOCME's membership meeting tomorrow! For more details go here and here or follow @BRSocMe.

Lesson one: Variety is the Spice of Life.

Variety is the spice of life
After digging into my book last night, the first advice I read went way against any advice I've received lately. Title of the chapter... "Choose just one thing? Why?!"

Chapin is the first and only one to say it, but I'm going to go with her on this one seeing as I already have. Most business people have told me I need to focus on one thing, which I am, invitations and stationery, but I can't help but want to pull out my dress and sew one day, paint another, draw another, learn calligraphy, and start woodblock stamping. I love the advice she quotes "Variety is the spice of life." After reading a little further, my mind was racing with things to do, so what did I do?

I rearranged my entire bedroom. Multiple times (with the help of a couple of friends I recruited. Thanks guys!) At one point, the quote from Because I Said So "I think we should move it this way. I think it'll change your life" was even used.

Now I have space to be creative and for my sewing machine and table that I'll be bringing back from my parent's place. Yay, no more hand sewing!!! Can't wait!

P.S. Did you watch Glee last night? I cracked up when April Rhodes, Kristin Chenoweth, said something about the "Fong Shwong" of a room. Just before that, Abby and I were discussing if we had thrown off the Feng Shui of my room. What? Shoving my bed to one side of the room and cramming in my dresser next to it in order to turn what's supposed to be a bedroom into a more creative space isn't okay?! Works for me!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Handmade Marketplace.

Handmade MarketplaceFlowers
Just bought my copy of The Handmade Marketplace: How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally, and On- Line by Kari Chapin. Blogger Holly Becker of Decor8 contributed along with a list of many other great bloggers and crafters. I'm so excited to start reading tonight! I'll let you know how it is and share the good stuff! P.S. Our apartment is full of flowers from Abby's birthday. I love walking past them, because they smell so good! Instant mood lifter!


*** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Moodboards are inevitable for me. I keep cut outs in my sketchbook, on my desk, on my computer desktop, and in virtual moodboards. I can't help it. I find images every day that inspire a look, a feel, or a color combination, but sometimes there are images that you can't let go. You keep going back to them. Like my birthday post last year. These end up on my "favorite things" moodboards. Do you keep them? How do you keep them? Do you have piles of sketchbooks with images spilling out of them, folders and folders and more folders on your computer, or another way? If the latter, you must share!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Better bold than boring.

I'm a bit behind on posts due to the most severe migraine I've ever experienced this weekend. Seriously, I didn't know they could be this bad! As I tell you about it, it makes me laugh, because I was just thinking about this quote "Better bold than boring" and this migraine certainly falls under that category! Anyway, I read the motto in an interview a few months ago and have had it on my desktop every since. Great advice, right?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


This dress, stunning! Have you seen Melissa Sweet's recent work? I think I would wear this dress everyday. Drawing, doing the dishes, working in the garden. Okay, I don't work in the garden, but you get the point. I know it's supposed to be a wedding dress, but add a cardigan and belt and you're good to go. (Nevermind that pesky wedding dress price tag.) The dainty barely there appliques, stunning. And have you taken a look outside lately? The azaleas are so gorgeous! They seem to be everywhere right now!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CWdesigns: Invitation

Just finished design for the Athletic Department Appreciation Picnic Invitation! Check out more from my portfolio here.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tory Burch Meet & Greet.

The geometric patterns from the last post remind me... I read an interview with Tory Burch today at AllTheBest and found out she's planning a meet and greet. She'll be in Houston at her shop in the Galleria from 6-8 on April 26. It's a Monday! Blast! Please go for me and enjoy the champagne and 20% off! I would sooo love to meet her! Blast again! You can RSVP at AllTheBest or by emailing Please go! For me!

Steep to Cheap: Fabric.

Remember how much I was in love with the print from the SATC 2 trailer? Thanks to HabituallyChic I now know it's the Velvet Gate Tuxedo upholstery fabric by Kravet, but I've found a knock off! It's not velvet and it's not as heavy as upholstery, but it's $8.99 a yard, which will certainly do for a skirt pattern I've been waiting to use. I also love this super fine navy geometric fabric (please excuse the terrible blackberry photos). A little more pricey, but it's upholstery weight! Might just have to make some pillows or a rug. Perhaps a DIY like this one?

Mark your calendar.

LSU Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival
for a weekend of art and music in Baton Rouge!
Saturday • April 24

First, check out the LSU Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival.
8a.m.- Noon
LSU Parade Grounds
I participated with a few sorority sisters when I was in undergrad and felt like a little kid! It was fun to get away from Photoshop and InDesign and play with chalk. This year, the event will be held in conjunction with LSU Day, so there will be lots to check out!

Next, head out to the Baton Rouge Blues Festival.
Noon- 10 p.m.
Repentance Park • Downtown
It's Free!! Check out the lineup here.

Monday, April 19, 2010

April showers

bring really pretty pink roses! Thanks Erin!

Do the Time Warp.

Time Warp
Time Warp
Had a great weekend with Time Warp at City park. It was a crazy mix of elegant decor, vintage cars, opera singers and the retro fashion show all benefiting Cancer Services of Baton Rouge.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Time Warp Benefit Fashion Show.

Time Warp
Time Warp
Time Warp
Time Warp Benefit Fashion Show
11:30 a.m.
City Park • Baton Rouge, LA

Come out and see the spring floral vintage looks and my "totally awesome" 80's dress. This beauty really looks like something Sue Ellen Crandell would have worn to work in "Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead." See you there! Happy Weekend!

Make it work.

Project Runway Mila & Jay
Project Runway Jay
Project Runway Mila
Nina Ricci
Made progress on my dress last night; however, I don't think Nina and Michael would approve. The zipper is a little bunchy near the pocket. Pretty disappointing. Not sure if I'll rip out the seam and start again. Third times the charm, right? Or leave it be, chalk it up to another lesson learned, and make it cleaner on the next dress. What to do. What to do... When I showed Abby the outcome last night, her answer was "make it work" How appropriate! Thanks Abby!
Did you watch Project Runway last night? Mila? MILA?! She's all black and white, all retro, and never really exciting. Jay overdesigned. Yes, but at least it was something new and exciting! I just haven't really been impressed this season if you can't tell from my lack of Project Runway posts.
P.S. Have you seen Nina Ricci's work lately? LOVE this skirt from her 2010 Fall RTW collection.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Noelie Harmon

Noelie Harmon
Noelie Harmon TOMS
Noelie Harmon
Noelie Harmon
Noelie Harmon
Noelie Harmon
Holly introduced me to Noelie Harmon almost two years ago and what do you know? Next Thursday is their second birthday. To celebrate, they're offering 15% off! (See the facebook page for details)
You have to check this place out if you haven't been in yet. Holly got me my two favorite coffee cups as a birthday present from there. One cup has a sun illustration with "morning" written above. The best way to wake up. Seriously, it's so cheery! And the other has a lightbulb illustration with "idea" above. I really feel like I'll be more inspired at work after one cup a joe in my "idea" mug. Okay, that may all be in my head, but still. It's a gift that keeps on giving! Among many other conscious items, they also sell TOMS shoes. If you don't have a pair, you need to to purchase 'em ASAP. I just got my gold glittery TOMS, another gift actually, and I love them. So comfortable. So fun. You can't have a bad day wearing these!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

$2.70 Lesson.

Today's the day for the zipper! Went to Hobby Lobby determined to finally sew a fuss free zipper. Should have known better.
First, Hobby Lobby did not have a 16" invisible zipper. When I asked the employee if they were just out or if they didn't normally carry them, her answer.... "I don't think they make them."
My pattern calls for it. My Simplicity pattern mind you, which is pretty run of the mill when it comes to sewing notions. So I buy a 12-14" zipper thinking "I'll make it work."
After an almost wreck in the Hobby Lobby parking lot, you know that crazy Hobby Lobby crowd of old ladies and moms, actually getting the directions right, and starting my stitch, I realize I need to figure out this length problem before sewing the whole piece.
Lesson learned? Whip stitch the teeth a full inch above cut line. BEFORE cutting. My zipper slider fell off... Oh well, trying again tomorrow!

Metallic & Foil.

Metallic & Foil

I love adding elements to flat invitations that give them something special. Thermographic print or raised ink, letterpress, pearlized ink, and metallic foils. Hmmm... Woodblock print + metallic ink= inspiration for the next line? I think so!

A couple of things you should check out:
The Olsen twins new line for JCPenney. Some of the stuff is actually pretty cute! Great prices too. Love this skirt and this dress.

This Saturday at City Park. I'll be making my modeling debut haha You should come and check out the spring vintage pieces! The dress I'll be wearing is all 80's fabulousness!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Paintable Wallpaper.

Paintable Wallpaper
Paintable Wallpaper
Paintable Wallpaper
Paintable Wallpaper
I went to a wedding in Utah last fall and it was absolutely beautiful! Mountains. More mountains. Gorgeous red, yellow, and green trees. One thing that caught my eye was the entrance to the reception hall. It was a damask red raised wall. I've wondered since then what the wall was made of and think I've found something similar. Paintable wallpaper! Found it in the Home Depot Dreambook. Not sure it has quite the full effect, but how cool?!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lauren Moffat +

La Dolce Vita
Have you seen the Spring 2010 Lauren Moffat line? So many girly spring pieces! Too bad it's way out of my price range. Must remember the homily I heard yesterday... this quote from La Dolce Vita pretty much sums it up and somehow this just seems to resonate a little more. P.S. If you're a design nerd like me, look forward to Lauren Moffat's new site! Just got an email this morning that says they're hoping to launch in a few weeks.

Random note: Have you heard of Rockabye Baby? I was in Starbucks yesterday and heard it playing. So fun! I'm pretty sure your expecting friends would love you for this gift! The frog croaks crack me up. Check it out here.

SATC 2 Trailer 2

This trailer is so much better than the first! Hope they didn't spoil the movie by taking all the good parts to make it. P.S. I love love love the wallpaper in the bedroom when Carrie says "we have to work on the sparkle" So much eye candy! Can't wait!

Friday, April 9, 2010

The dress.

The Dress
The Dress
actually looks like a dress! Now that I know the length of the pattern is right for a long dress, I'm going to cut it short. Based on the fabric, it just seems more wearable as a short dress. Next up... the zipper. This is usually a drama filled process, so I'm crossing my fingers that it goes smoothly.
Signing off for the weekend! Hope you have a good one!

BR Uncorked.

BR Uncorked
BR Uncorked
Krystal, APinchofLovely blogger, Monica and I attended Baton Rouge Uncorked last night representing our team, Grape Expectations. The event is a fundraiser and wine tasting contest that takes place a few times a year in locations like the Baton Rouge Little Theater. The grape of the night was Cabernet Sauvignon and we actually managed to get a few photos before the purple teeth set in...

The Pacific.

The Pacific
The Pacific • Urban Outfitters
The Pacific
The Pacific
The Pacific
Have you been watching the series? Isn't it so good?! I'm somewhat getting used to watching war movies (and westerns) at this point in my life, because my dad is always watching them (oh and add golf to that list) but this show is filmed so well and of course throws in a few love stories, so I'm pretty much hooked. I can even kind of watch the bloody parts. That says a lot, really. I'm loving the costume design and the silky vintage fabrics of the women's wear. Urban has a few tops made of similar style and fabric. Where can I find silky vintage fabrics in Baton Rouge?! Our fabric shops are terrible... Anyway, either my college History classes didn't get very in depth with WWII or I didn't retain very much. Probably the latter, but I'm learning it all now! HBO has tons of behind the scenes video and tributes here and an educational guide you should check out.